Bridging the Generation Gap: Solving Generational Gap Problems in the Workplace

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Business is always demanding – bigger, better, faster, smarter – and we must all rise to the occasion. There is a critical new problem in the workplace, and it has nothing to do with downsizing, or global competition. Instead, it is the problem of the generations — the Veterans, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials — working together and colliding as they work together to make the industry successful!

This is the first time in American history that we have four (some say five) different generations working side-by-side in the workplace. Employees from all generations must take on the responsibility to overcome generational differences and bridging the generation gap.

Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons. Being aware of these differences can help individuals tailor their message for maximum effect, regardless of the task, or the relationship — family, friends, workplace peers.

With the interpersonal and communication skills developed in this generation gap training, participants learn how to collaborate effectively across generational differences in the workplace. They become more productive by recognizing and utilizing the strengths of the different generations within the team and the organization. 

Training Benefits

  • Minimize the effects the generation gap in the workplace
  • Develop better workplace communication
  • Overcome conflict due to generational differences in the workplace
  • Develop more understanding and improve collaborative work efforts
  • Develop better work relationships between new hires and long-term employees
  • Improve multi-generation team performance

Participants will learn:

  • Personal and lifestyle characteristics by generation
  • Work place characteristics by generation
  • Myths about generations
  • How to effectively communicate with, work with, and manage generational differences to maximize team performance and improve workplace effectiveness.
  • Discover techniques to effectively deal with conflict among different generations and learn strategies to recruit, retain, and motivate employees of all ages.
  • Verbal, Written, and Electronic communication and the impact on the generation gap
  • How to be aware of generational differences and anticipate miscommunication

RSI has the right to cancel class under any circumstance and will give clients a full refund. Once paid, if client cancels or fails to attend no refund will be given. 

Passing this course does not in any way authorize attendee to present themselves as a RSI authorized trainer nor does it give attendee authority to utilize the RSI name or likeness in any form including advertising, training, or development. Only by passing the RSI Advanced Train the Trainer course, requesting RSI to furnish official RSI training cards, and paying the required fee per card, is an attendee allowed to provide their internal employees with training cards that contain RSI information. RSI Advanced Train the Trainer graduates are only authorized to issue cards to persons that are direct hires for their company that has paid for the training. These policies will be strictly enforced including taking legal action to protect the RSI name and material.

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